One Hand Open

Parenthood is a time you learn just how amazing you are in so many ways.  You just learn to get things done that previously would have seemed impossible because there's no other option. Case in point: The other day I was nursing the baby in one arm and cracking pistachios with the other for my … Continue reading One Hand Open

Dr. Annie’s SNOO Review

We do not make babies that automatically sleep well. Our first baby, we also were gifted with prolonged colicky phase and total cluelessness from ourselves and our childcare providers about any form of sleep training. She did not sleep through the night until 15 months of age. At which point, I promptly got pregnant with … Continue reading Dr. Annie’s SNOO Review

Spring Soups to Warm Your Soul

Spring has sprung! Well, on the calendar at least. Mother nature may or may not have gotten the memo. Rainy, cold days plus a desire to stay on track for a healthy summer bod call for healthy comfort food. Enter, soup.   Annie's Pick: Caldo Verde aka Portuguese Green Soup Don't be fooled, this is … Continue reading Spring Soups to Warm Your Soul

Save Our Water Series Volume 3: Filtering out Fluoride

As a mother, I want to ensure that, as much as possible, what my children ingest leads to their best possible health. I am grateful to be part of a community that is knowledgeable about healthy food, sustainable farming practices, and responsible waste practices. I am also hopeful that soon we can go even farther … Continue reading Save Our Water Series Volume 3: Filtering out Fluoride


Motherhood is full of lessons. Starting with learning to aim your pee at a stick, then how to put on shoes with a basketball belly, how to not get peed on changing a diaper, and how to strap a screaming, squirming toddler into a car seat... it goes on and on. One of the biggest … Continue reading Respect

Life & Littles Podcast!

Exciting news!!! Our own Dr. Annie is on this week's episode of Doctor Mommy, MD's podcast talking about second trimester of pregnancy. The Life & Littles podcast may just be your new favorite listen, friends! "Imagine your best friend is a doctor and a mom, what questions would you want to ask her over a … Continue reading Life & Littles Podcast!

Sexy as a M*ther

There's a new sexy in town friends, and I would argue, it's even better than before. It's mom-sexy. We may not have the bouncy bounty of hair and bikini top filling of yesteryear, but we have some new moves that can light the 🔥🔥🔥 of romance like none other. (Literally. Because no one who's not … Continue reading Sexy as a M*ther